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“I copy photos that already exist of me. Only this time, the photos are self-portraits shot in my own studio, and the designer garments have been substituted with cheap second-hand clothes and body paint. 

Looking evil is every bit as hard as looking hot. It is April 2022. I have performed from memory a shoot I did in 2016 for Acne Studios in my private studio. My genitals are covered in red and black paint, clumsily substituting the look of a pair of paper-thin silk trousers I wore on set.

When I was a teenager a friend told me that if you stare at yourself in the mirror for long enough, you will eventually see the devil. I stare at the screen as I’m browsing through the self-portraits understanding exactly what she meant.

I do my best to look more evil, as I recall him asking me to. But no matter how hard I concentrate, I watch how my face is just blank, even mild. I do wonder if maybe he retouched my face in the photo.

It feels unfair to compete with a retouched version of yourself.”

Group show at Landskrona Foto Festival 2022 (SE) with Atla Platform, Alexandra Lige, Hjördis Eythorsdottir, Dev Dunsi. Supported by Statens Kunstfond.

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